• Plant, weed, and grow
  • Join a committee
  • Host a corporate work day

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Multiple commitment tiers

  • Gain harvest perks
  • Join a committee
  • Teach classes and plan events

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  • Keep the lights on
  • Purchase seeds and tools
  • Support events and outreach

Give til it hurts!

Volunteering with us is fun. Our volunteers plan, plant, water, weed, harvest, and eat! A friendly member could always use an extra set of helpful hands.

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To take your Hogshead love to the next level, join our membership!¬†You’ll be part of a socially conscious, open minded and dedicated group from all over New York.

Check out our committees

Love what we do but can’t visit (or stand the outdoors)? Make a tax-deductable donation to help support our mission. You’ll be part of building something sustainable in New York.